New Band Announcement and Our DEBUT SINGLE!

I'm excited to share that I've formed a pop duo called The Kat & Josh, and we just released our DEBUT SINGLE!! Listen HERE:

Our Story

The Kat & Josh began when I (Kat), a New York-based artist, emailed Josh Ricchio (Freak Owls, Will Phåråoh) asking if he wanted to write together, assuming he was in New York. We wrote a song over email, and it wasn't until it was finished that I found out he lives in LA! Regardless of the distance, however, we began writing and recording consistently, never speaking in person until we met at our photo shoot in New York. We already had enough songs for an album at this point. 

We've been working steadily ever since and are so pumped to finally share one of our concoctions with you!! More exciting updates to come! 

Love Love Love,
The Kat