Featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's Battle of the Instant Songwriters

Featured on American Songwriter Magazine's "Best New Music" list

Kat Quinn is an indie singer-songwriter whose voice evokes both Sara Bareilles and Yuna, as well as concepts like sunshine and fun and joy... Um, sign us up please!
— Lilian Min, HelloGiggles.com
Kat Quinn and her music continue to grow and to impress me. Her stage presence is relaxed and funny and her songs grab you. They are serious of with a bit of humor.. I was just blown away with Kat’s voice and songwriting. Just wonderful.
— Peter Calo (Carly Simon Producer and Music Director)
Quinn’s gorgeous vocals and the delicate accompanying visuals make for a hopeful, long-lasting impact... Deeply personal, and quite relatable.
— Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser.fm
Lovely. Spartan. Beautiful. That’s the music that we get from Kat Quinn. It takes a confident songwriter to put herself out there so emotionally naked, and the effect is fantastic and mesmerizing.
— Top 50 Women of Indie Music List, nonhollywood.com
Kat’s vocals are complete bliss to these ears, a real pleasure to listen to. Combining those vocals with intelligent lyrics she offers a depth to her music that is often lacking today, she will warm the hearts of any audience.
— Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK
Her songwriting is impeccable and one that a lot of songwriters today should take note of... I haven’t heard lyrical detail like this for a while its mystical, yet creating a characterful perspective that can relate to real life.
— Alpha Beata
[That String] is uplifting, catchy, and a perfect song to listen to while relaxing on the beach, which we wish we were doing right this second.
— Fanlala
Forlorn and bright, haunting and infectious all at once, Kat Quinn’s latest EP, Kind of Brave, will have fans of Ingrid Michaelson, KT Tunstall and Norah Jones hooked immediately.
— Nick Dolan, Joonbug
You’d think she was born on stage… she makes it look that easy. She’s got two EPs to her name thus far but we predict a long and lasting career as she continues on and makes more and more waves within the acoustic music scene.
— Kathy Sands-Boehmer, No Depression
Quinn is a phoenix that has been reborn, leaving behind the eroding house of her past and finding hope in the vast field of her dreams.
— Merissa Blitz, Pancakes & Whiskey
Quinn will turn heads with her unique songwriting and raw talent.
— Nick Dolan, Joonbug
Her sound manages to have a lightness and a depth at the same time
— Mary Rose Somarriba, Verily Magazine
an up and coming singer/songwriter that’s not only making our ears purr, but is also developing some must-see video creations that keep getting better and better.
— Pens Eye View
Kind of Brave is an completely charming recording... At four tracks, my chief complaint is that I wanted more. The songs are engaging, thoughtful, fun, and a little bit quirky in the best way.
— Amy J. Putnam, Freelance Folkie
Quinn’s unique perspective reveals her to be a songwriter with a perceptive pen.
— Pop Matters
Very few professional musicians would dare to try what Kat Quinn does at the drop of a hat. She is never ordinary. A voice, a ukulele and beauty happens! We’re very, very glad Quinn doesn’t do what everyone else does. She doesn’t mimic or get caught up in “oh, but” ... and, as a result, she shines with her own special light.
— Surf Rock Music
a refreshing blend of melody, inspired words and a sincere and impressive voice
— Joe Viglione, TMRZoo.com