Kat Quinn is an indie-pop songstress based in New York City.  Originally hailing from Marblehead, Massachusetts, Quinn found music at a young age with drums, piano, and guitar.  But it wasn’t until college when she discovered the piece the tied them all together: writing.  It was writing that turned her relationship with music from a hobby into a vocation.

Quinn’s naturally sparkling personality fires up her live shows, with the goal of making every audience member join the self-described “gigglefest.” “You’d think she was born on stage.” (No Depression)  So it wasn’t long after she moved to New York, that notable entertainment industry vets such as Jimmy Fallon, Peter Calo, and Adam Rhodes started to take notice.

In March of 2013, Quinn was featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s “Battle of the Instant Songwriters,” where she wrote and performed an original song, “Clouds Are People Too,” gaining fans nation-wide.  Since then, she has been touring internationally, including a featured performance at the Senate.  She has released three EPs, that got notable outlets such as American Songwriter, PopMatters, and Hello Giggles buzzing, and her songs have been featured in film, TV, and ads. 

These days she can be found in studios all over New York, writing for both herself and other artists.